Automated startup data reporting for smart investors

Angeldeal is a platform developed for VC firms, Accelerators, Angel Investors, and Crowdfunding operators to support them in tracking performance data of their portfolio companies.

Chasing your founders for updates is time consuming and doesn't have to be. Stop sending emails, spreadsheets and reminders and let Angeldeal automate the process!


Track your startups
metrics with ease

Angedeal's platform enables you to track selected metrics and updates. Our data integrations can be set up in seconds, and enables the platform to track selected KPIs without hassling the founders.

Angeldeal - track startup metrics
Angeldeal - manage companies portfolio


Manage your companies portfolio

Angeldeal’s interactive, real-time dashboard pushes your insights to the surface instead of leaving them buried in your Excel spreadsheets.


Update your own investors

Provide updates & KPI data across the portfolio directly to your own Investors. Use Angeldeal to aggregate portfolio data and insights for your own reporting needs.

Angeldeal - update your investors

How it works

Streamline your reporting process and portfolio management

Invite your target startups

All you have to do is invite your portfolio companies or prospects, and the reporting will become hassle free.

Request the metrics you need

Create or choose built-in templates and automatically collect financial, KPI and performance data.

Make data-driven decisions

Extract and share actionable insights with your colleagues so you can drive business forward.


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