Find answers to common questions about Angeldeal

1. What is Angeldeal?

Angeldeal is a SaaS for Business Angels, Venture Capitalists, Incubators and Accelerators, that aim at getting status updates from their favourite startups.

2. Why I am receiving daily reminders for status updates?

If you are receiving email reminders, it means you are connected with one or more investors that are interested in following the progresses of your startup.

3. Why should I share information about my team daily operations?

Investors use the information you share to build an understanding of the team commitment and capabilities, so to make more informed investment decisions. Showing progress increases your chances to attract capitals.

4. What type of information are expected by investors?

Simply write down in few words how you spent your working day. Did you work on UI wireframes? Did you code a section of your web app? Did you had lunch with a potential customer and got interesting feedbacks. Ah! Don’t forget that you can also attach files to your report, and make them even more appealing.

5. How are the status reports shared?

Daily reports are recorded and displayed into a navigable progress calendar. See example.

6. Are my info safe?

Only the investors you are connected with can access your status reports.